lnline monitoring of the overmoulding process and quality assurance of overmoulded components on the basis of acoustic emissions

Real-time condition monitoring of injection moulding processes

The aim of the project is to detect structural damage and spontaneously occurring damage in the injection moulding process of overmoulded components. Using embedded AI systems that are close to the machine and fuse machine and process data, intelligent condition monitoring and automated decision-making will be developed for detecting structural damage in the injection moulding process.

Intelligent monitoring

During the production of fibre-reinforced plastics in the injection moulding process, especially those with structure-bearing fibre composite inserts and inserts („overmoulding“), various faults and deviations can occur which impair the functionality and service life or lead to failure under load. For example, in addition to unintentional vacuoles, inhomogeneous distribution and alignment of the short fibres can occur or the connection of the inserted reinforcement structures to the injection moulding compound and their position can be faulty. Furthermore, geometrical deviations can occur due to mould wear or the insertion of too little plastic. In order to identify these quality deviations in the manufacturing process and to be able to carry out a non-destructive component inspection, the process and the component are monitored with the help of acoustic emissions.

Analysis of acoustic emissions in the injection moulding process

In addition to the vibration signals of the injection mould, further machine data is recorded. These parameters provide information about the current machine condition and are evaluated using AI-based methods by means of a real-time system in order to be able to detect structural damage to the workpiece at an early stage. The data will also be analysed in the VisualAE front end and graphically processed for machine operators.

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